The motto for the United States Merchant Marine Academy is Acta Non Verba, meaning ‘deeds not words.’ I have spent my entire adult life trying to live by these words, including my decision to run for Congress in Georgia's 6th district. Throughout this campaign, it has been made clear that the 2020 elections and the battle between failed socialist policies and free market principles will be the fight of our lives. Democrats are organized, well-funded, and ready to capitalize on their recent victories across this nation. Now, more than ever, we must be united as Republicans. It is in the same vein of ‘deeds not words’ that I have decided to suspend my campaign for U.S. Congress in the name of unity.


It became evident to our team that without the proper resources to spread our own campaign message, we had no positive pathway to the general election. I ran for congress because I believed, and still believe, I am the best Republican candidate to take on Congressman Lucy McBath, but I refuse to negatively attack fellow Republicans for 6 months in order to get there. I am not afraid of a fight or contrast, but I believe in the importance of integrity and common sense.

As the daughter of two first-generation Americans, my family's love and appreciation for the values this country represents runs deep. When it comes down to a choice between my personal desire to serve as a United States Congressman or putting America first, I choose country over self. 


To the donors, volunteers, and enthusiastic supporters, thank you. Rest assured that I will continue to advocate for the same issues that brought me into this race. We must provide better care to our veterans, eliminate human trafficking, and support sweeping reform within our U.S. immigration system. 


As a Navy Reservist, I took an oath to defend our Constitution, and I will continue to uphold that oath regardless of my title.


  Paid For By Nicole Rodden for Congress, Inc.