Nicole is a firm believer in free enterprise job creation. The government should not place burdensome regulations on the private sector and hinder job creation. Having served in the military and worked in the private sector, Nicole has visited over 25 countries and has a unique perspective, both positive and negative, on how governments interact with business. Nicole wants to ensure small businesses thrive, large businesses expand, and those who wish to start their own business can do so without government red tape.


American Flag

As a graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy and a 10-year Navy Reservist, Nicole has a deep inherent respect for the men and women who serve in our nation’s military. She will make it her priority to ensure veterans receive the care the government promised them when they took the Oath to protect this country. Nicole will also work hard to make sure the missions of Georgia’s current military installations expand and do not fall subject to Base Realignment and Closure.


Having two parents who are both first-generation Americans, Nicole understands the importance of ensuring we have a functioning and fair immigration system in place that ultimately benefits the United States of America while allowing us to continue to be a beacon of hope to the world. 

First, we must build a wall at our southern border. This is NOT racist; in fact, by not securing our border we put a very vulnerable group of people, any illegal immigrants who do enter the U.S., at risk. Estimates of the number of illegal immigrants living in the United States range widely, from between 10 million to 22 million. Each of these illegal immigrants is living outside of our laws, making them highly susceptible to being taken advantage of - whether by employers avoiding minimum wage laws or by criminals fueling underground drug and human trafficking markets. 


Next, we must STOP encouraging illegal immigration by closing loopholes and reforming our asylum process. We must immediately seek and invest in solutions to quickly process cases.  A primary consideration in this process is the hiring of more immigration court judges, asylum officers, prosecutors, and staff. Clearing the backlog would ensure that just cases are heard expeditiously while discouraging the ability to use loopholes to reside in the U.S. illegally. At the same time, we must empower border patrol and ICE agents to do their job and uphold our laws. 

Lastly, we need to modernize and streamline our outdated legal immigration system to be based fairly on merit while implementing an entry-exit system that allows us to reduce the number of legal immigrants who overstay their visas.


Human Trafficking

Nicole has dedicated much of her volunteer time to making sure our community is aware of the ever-evolving and horrific nature of Human Trafficking. She has worked with several organizations to combat this plague on our city. As our Congressman, you can count on Nicole to work with, and encourage collaboration between, all federal and state agencies, local law enforcement, and non-profits to make sure this atrocity is ended both in Atlanta and across our nation.


A strong alliance between the United States and Israel is both practical and mutually beneficial. The existence of anti-Semitism in our world is nothing new, but its presence in the halls of our Congress is both shocking and appalling. America must elect men and women who stand with Israel at every level of our government. Now, more than ever, we must come together to protect, maintain, and strengthen our relationship with our Israeli allies. 


When elected to Congress, Nicole will oppose the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel, support foreign aid that is crucial to ensuring Israel has the capability to protect itself, and stand against our mutual enemies who sponsor terrorism. 


Nicole will stand up to anti-Semitism, both in DC and around the world. 



Opioid abuse is one of the most detrimental results of The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). The law made doctors, and those who can prescribe medicine, focus on pain prevention instead of what is causing the pain.

This led many people from all walks of life down the path of opioid addiction. In Congress, Nicole will work to repeal Obamacare piece-by-piece and replace the law with free-market healthcare principles.